Free Web hosting Sites

Free web hosting means free service for web hosting, it does not require any fee or money for hosting. Free hosting providers free space for website publishers to up load files on their servers. Different free web hosting services have different features from each other’s, some of them offer few pages for personal website or they offer a limited data on their servers. However, other provides free space more than this and allow a small business website for comparatively more data. There are few restrictions for free web hosting and they do not want or take such types of web sites who have ads, banners and popup. The free web hosting services also consider the formation of web site format like PHP and other. Although there are various free hosting are available in world, but there are some rules and regulation for web site publishers. Similarly the free hosting service providers offer limited space for files up loading. There are some famous or known web sites those offer free web hosting services.

1. Free web hosting with PHP MySQL supportsMySQL support.
The most free hosting website provides facility to websites having PHP scripting and support MySQL databases. It is convenient for those websites having PHP scripts and WordPress themes. Similarly, some other scripts like IPB, phpBB, SMF and phpNuke, Mambo, Xoops, Joomla, Drupal CMS sites. The free web hosting services restrict the publishers in te form of data quantity and format.

2. FreeHosting EU.
This FreeHosting EU services is located in Germany, while it offers different features just as 200 MB of free web space on srver, 4000 MB bandwidth per month free of cast. This FreeHosting EU facilitate PHP4, PHP 5, MySQL 5 database etc. It provides Joomla hosting support and FTP access. To access for this free website contact Website URL:

This  is known as Green Free hosting services which offer ECO-friendly web hosting service that consume wind power as energy source. The has some unique features like 250 MB of web storage capacity, 5 GB of monthly transferring facility. This free hosting can support PHP5, MySQL5 databases and WordPress themes. To access for this free website contact website URL:

4.100 WebSpace.
The 100 provides free web pages hosting that can facilitate php/mysql. It provides 100 MB of web space and 3 GB of monthly data transfer. It has many feature like FTP support, Free scripts installer, PHP/MySQL, For contact
5. ByetHost.
This free hosting service offer for website having php mysql and it has wide space for hosting. Moreover, it has capability to transfer database on monthly basis. It provides 1000 MB of disk space, 50 GB monthly bandwidth, PHP 5.3 and 3 MySQL databases. It also has an automatic scripts installer. To access for this free hosting visit URL:

6. AwardSpace.
The is a free hosting service provider and free sub domain hosting without ads. This free hosting service offer the following services to their customers all over the world just as 250 MB of disk storage capacity, 5 GB monthly traffic pressure. PHP, MySQL facilitator and it is very easy in controlling. To access for this free website contact URL: