United Kingdom is one of the most established states in the WORLD. Its ever growing economy is attracting people from around globe including from Established states and as well as under developed countries. People pursue their life because of the Lavish and luxurious life offered there as well as the weather is a great plus.

Method to apply for Immigration Visa:

You must be outside the UK, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man to apply for your visa. You need to register for an account fill in the application form in English pay for the visa fee online (in most cases) print out your formbook and attend an appointment at a visa application center.

You must have the original and a photocopy of all the supporting documents you need for your visa translate any supporting documents and include them with the originals if they aren’t in English Tuberculosis (TB) test. You may need to get a TB test, depending on where you’re applying from – check if you need aTB test by visiting the to see if you’ve have to get TB test by checking from where you’re applying as it varies on your state. You may or may not need it.


For applying for UK you must acquire a TIER 1 or TIER 2 VISAS which are for general categories also you can apply for student visa (TIER-4). Since 2010 the UK government has changed their policies making it difficult for immigrants to acquire visa and work in UK.

TIER 1 categories:

-Entrepreneur: People who can invest in a business around of worth 50,000£, start a new one or take over already existing one.

-Investor: People who can invest around 1m£ in a UK investment opportunity.

-Graduate: Graduate who are endorsed by their universities. Around 2000 people a year.

-Skilled Personnel: Exceptionally talented people. The rarity is around 1000 a year.

TIER 2 Categories:

-General: For skilled workers who are offered jobs in UK and are sponsored by the company. The jobs are to be those that can’t be filled by most of the residing people.

-Intra company transfers: Employees who’re being transferred to their United Kingdom branch. These may include skilled workers, trainees and others.

-Sportsman: Sport person intending to either play sports or reside in UK for a longer period.

TIER 4 categories:

These includes students from all around the globe who’re going to study and reside In UK as for the time period of their course. After which they can return on stay depending upon tgat time.

TIER 5 Categories:

These includes temporary workers. Including Sport person, religious ministers and Government agreements workers.


The fees can vary depending upon the state you’re applying for. Since 2012 the fees structure system has changed. Now applying

  • For TIER 1 Visa the fees ranges from 815£-930£.
  • For TIER 2 it ranges between 360£-420£.
  • For TIER 4 it ranges from 255£-300£.
  • For TIER 5 it ranges from 190£-220£.