UK is a great attraction for people working in service industries . There is a good scope for people linked with this work field. United Kingdom not only remains one of the most established states but its growing economy require people related to service industries. Nursing Jobs is also one of the most high attracting service industry in UK. Nursing Jobs is a growing industry all over the World as well as in United Kingdom. The people related to it are not only serving but earning good money as respectable person of modern society. Around 15000 travels in United Kingdom and find nursing Jobs in UK there are also several agencies that helps them in providing with Works. One of the major advantage is that you can work on contract in between travels and work. Nursing positions range from permanent to short-term positions. In high demand are RMN’s, RGN’s, Nurse Mangers and specialist nursing jobs including A&E (Emergency Department), ITU (ICU), Pediatric, Scrub, Anesthetic and recovery work.

NHS vs. Private Sector

The NHS employs 1.7M people and is the largest employer. Most hospitals work under the NHS sector but a lot of them also comes under the private sectors. Nurses may find the working conditions less pressured in private hospitals where the ratio of nurses to patients is significantly higher. Nursing recruitment agencies play a critical role in supply to the NHS hospitals and hospitals that are under the private sectors.

If you go by location then vacancies are available on average as;

In ENGLAND Round 5000

In Scotland 223

In Wales 163

In Northern Ireland 21

In Crown Dependencies 12

In Ireland 170 by sectors the vacancies are available as follows: RGN jobs 5310

Mental nurse jobs 1387

Learning disability nurse jobs 360

Pediatric nurse jobs 248

Midwife jobs 16

Qualifications Required for Nursing Jobs:

In order to practice as a nurse in the United Kingdom, you must register with the regulatory body, Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).  When you apply, you must have been practicing as a nurse or midwife for at least one year.  If you have been qualified longer than this, you must have practiced for at least 450 hours in the last 3 years.

Overseas Nursing Program (ONP):

If your application meets the NMCA’s minimum standards and you were trained outside of the European Economic Area (EEA), you are required to undertake the Overseas Nurses Programme (ONP) before your registration. The program consists of 20 days of learning and it assesses your ability to practice as a nurse in the UK.  Topics that will be covered include UK law, health and safety issues, record-keeping, drugs administration and NMC Code of Conduct.

If you’re looking to work as an immigrant in UK you must have IELTS of certain band and acquire TIER-2 or TIER-5.

SALARY of Nursing Jobs in UK:

A registered Nurse in UK on average can earn 23,000£-24000£ per year. Most people switch to other jobs if they have acquired certain experience in this field.

Nursing Jobs remain an attracting industry in UK due to the pay offered and Working conditions