For studying purpose you have to find a course suitable to your current education and apply in a university that’s offering that course (Considering you meet the require criterion). Britain is one of the most established economies and there’s a lot of scope in Service Industries, finance and technology. For job purposes you need to acquire TIER 2(General) VISA. You can acquire that If

-you’ve been offered a skilled job in UK.

-you’re from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland

You need to be sponsored (i.e. have a certificate of sponsorship from a licensed sponsor) before you can apply to come to the UK to work. The work you do in the UK must relate to the work of your sponsor organization. As for students from outside the UK or EU, must apply for a student visa. You can only apply for a student visa if you intend to study a full-time degree course in the UK. Student visas are not issued for part-time courses. Your eligibility is calculated using a points-based rules system called a Tier 4 Student Visa.

Papers required for applying:

For students, to acquire TIER 4 VISA you must visit UK Visa & Immigration website to complete the online application form. You will also need to have your fingerprints and photograph (known as ‘biometric information’) taken at a visa application center as part of your application.

When you apply you’ll need to provide:

-Current passport that you withhold and photographs for identification.

-statements showing you’ve had at least £945 in savings continuously over last 3 months or your sponsor’s certification that they can afford your accommodation for first month.

-proof that you meet the English requirement.

-Few medical clearances.


For students; you must provide verification of funding to afford for your course Tution fees and living expenditures (On a scale of 10 points).

Tuition fees are on average £12,000 per year but can range from £8,000 to £36,000. You will also need at least £1,020 for each month of your studies to pay for living costs if you live in inner London. If you live in the outer parts of London you must pay living costs around 820£.

As for Job Immigrants; If you’re applying for General visa for up to 3 years then fees can range from 560£-660£ . If you’re extending in premium service for up to 1050£. If you’re applying for General visa for more than 3 years then you’re fees can vary from 1120£ to 1230£ .Also the premium would charge around 1400£.

You can work for your sponsor in the job described in your certificate of sponsorship, work on a second job in the same sector and at the same level as your main job for up to 20 hours per week or even get a a job which has a shortage of workers in the UK for up to 20 hours per week.