United Kingdom has a stable economy and offers a lot of driving jobs at good salaries which includes taxi drivers, Lorry drivers and drivers for Private companies and personal drivers. Driving Jobs in UK are one of the best part time jobs available in the United Kingdom. Residents including Immigrants and students take these jobs up because of the flexibility that this job can offer. Most of the workers take this job up on part time basis but that doesn’t necessarily mean that this job field has a small scope and work scale. This job occupation has good earning and scope in United Kingdom. There are also a lot of vacancies available in private sectors. Only online there are around 6500+ Job ads on part time and full time basis for Driving Jobs which shows the scope of this field.

Requirements for Driving Jobs in United Kingdom:

Drivers require a full driving license, usually clean. Depending on the role drivers may require certain categories of license to drive larger vehicles. There are different categories of license to drive larger vehicles. Also some of the driving jobs require the drivers to be experienced as they should have known how of the city they are going to drive in. Most of the time these requirements arrive in Private sectors in which delivery drivers are required.

Kinds of Driving Jobs in UNITED KINGDOM:

There are different kinds of Driving Jobs available in United Kingdom. There are requirements in not only in NHS sector but in private sector as well.

There are delivery drivers, courier drivers, taxi drivers and Van drivers. In private sectors there are a lot of vacancies for personal drivers.

Immigrants can also apply for Driving Jobs but they must have work permit which depends upon the category of their visa. Immigrants can apply for working in United Kingdom by acquiring a TIER 2 or TIER 4 or TIER 5 VISA. These are different criterion’s on which they can apply depending upon their purpose or residing in United Kingdom. The procedure is explained on United Kingdom’s Government webpage which can be accessed publically with ease which explains all the procedures that are required for applying for working or immigration in United Kingdom. Most of the students migrate to UK take these sorts of jobs.

Salaries for Driving Jobs in United Kingdom: The salary scale is different depending upon the kind of driving jobs and the experience required for it.A Bus driver earns around 9.28£ per hour. Although experience doesn’t change the pay for this kind of driving job, the bonuses and quarterly rewards may pile up enough for a driver to make him satisfied if not happy. The job however may sound simple but needs alertness of a pilot because a bus driver is responsible in most cases for just as many lives if not lesser. Not every person can operate a bus and neither the bus is for everyone to drive and jobrequirments like these are quite high in demand.